Interview with Tim Smith
author of The Vendetta Factor

PublishAmerica (2006)
ISBN 9781424141258
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (5/07)

Today, Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader Views is gratified to welcome Tim Smith, critic of "The Vendetta Factor." Tim Smith is an chief in the human employment field, in employment near adults beside disabilities. He resides in Dayton, Ohio, where on earth he besides works as a freelance lensman when he isn't diligent handwriting and promoting his books.

Tyler: Welcome, Tim. To begin, would you draw for us the original posit of your novel, "The Vendetta Factor"?

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Tim: "The Vendetta Factor" is a regressive to the types of mush literary composition novels cursive by Raymond Chandler and Mickey Spillane. It involves Nick Seven, a former CIA agent aware in Key Largo, Florida, acquiring pulled into a cruel sward war betwixt two Mafia families. One procedure controls the action in Miami, but a enemy Don in Saratoga Springs, New York requests to whip done. Nick finds himself person pressured by some families, as fine as a Federal official near a of her own agenda, patch discovering that he's been betrayed by somebody he proposal was a companion.

Tyler: The location and your mention of Raymond Chandler cue me of the old moving-picture show noirs, specially the picture "Key Largo" which is a transgression saga as all right. Why did you decide on the Miami stretch for your setting?

Tim: I've been leisure in The Keys and confederate Florida for moderately a few geezerhood. When I sat fur to be in contact my early Nick Seven project I asked myself a question: if I were a one-time CIA unpleasant person who desired to go somewhere to inception over, where on earth would it be? The Keys was the taken for granted superior for me.

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In that relation of the pastoral you have everything that lends itself to a virtuous escapade narrative - foreign locations, condition and sunsets to die for, about every position represented, and enormous signature acknowledgement. When you introduce "Key Largo" maximum individuals forthwith work of art Bogart and Bacall. Thanks to the wealthiness of cinema and TV shows set in Miami and South Beach, a lot of readers are merely familiar with next to the territory. Besides, it beat generation environment a wrongdoing adventure story in Dayton, Ohio and gives me a excellent defense to go nearby all twelvemonth for investigation and glide.

Tyler: What do you grain sets your publication apart from all the separate transgression novels and stories active the mafia?

Tim: This isn't a true cops and robbers fault thriller, where on earth you have the force or a tete-a-tete eye nifty the causa. My hero, Nick Seven, is Joe Citizen, just a guy minding his own conglomerate next to no lust to get rear into the exploit or intrigue that was portion of his earlier enthusiasm. Once he gets dragged into the mix he has to swear on his wits and instincts to get out and get his existence hindmost. There's also a lot of wittiness and sketch thrown in, as well as a moving war of words betwixt two hit men going on for whether Frank Sinatra or Julius LaRosa had the biggest impinging on pop civilisation.

Tyler: Of course, Frank Sinatra was a marvellous soloist and had an Italian heritage and I agree to there were rumors roughly speaking cosa nostra connections, but exculpation my ignorance, who was Julius LaRosa?

Tim: To name one of the characters, "You ne'er heard of Julius LaRosa, one of the maximal singers of all time?? That's un-flippin'-believable! That guy could hit a soaring C look-alike I hit targets. You ever hit a broad C?"

Seriously, LaRosa was an talented youngish vocaliser on Arthur Godfrey's every day TV exhibit in the 1950's. (You have detected of Arthur Godfrey, right? Good). One day Godfrey unemployed LaRosa on the air - be - for one unreal slight, and his trade never to the full healed. Although I'm a big Sinatra fan, I brainwave it strength add both laughs to have the confrontation as a running gag in the book, next to no mockery conscious for either man.

Tyler: Well, my bet is yet on Frank Sinatra, but convey you for the defence. Tim, what genuinely makes a smashing fault fresh is regularly the hero or police detective. Will you bowman us a lilliputian bit around your main character, Nick Seven?

Tim: Nick is a previous CIA weirdo who worn out his calling chase descending terrorists say the world. While on an task age nearer his woman was killed in a bombardment that was well-intentioned for him. After deed retaliation on the man responsible, he left-hand the feature and set up store in the Florida Keys, running a rod on the Gulf of Mexico beside Felicia, a one-time fellow worker from Barbados whom he ever had a piece for.

Nick is cynical, air-cooled and pugnacious beside a photosensitive romantic side he likes to living unobserved. When he was a spy he ever operated as a maverick, and inert insists on running his life on his own jargon. He's the benevolent of guy your female parent wouldn't let you production with, but one you'd poorness on your haunch.

Tyler: Would you say you are a lot similar Nick Seven, or is he preponderantly a unreal character?

Tim: A lot of my own self traits went into Nick Seven, and I weighing of him as my alter ego. He gets to do the things I can sole sleep around - alive in The Keys near a magnificent woman from Barbados, feat active in intrigue, trouncing the bad guys, and leading at Blackjack and Poker.

Tyler: Nick sounds similar to a qualities plentiful men would poorness to be. Richard Blake, who reviewed "The Vendetta Factor" for Reader Views, aforementioned the original has very good silver screen soon-to-be. How would you ideate a movie of the book, and whom would you poverty to kick up your heels Nick Seven or even more than a few of the new characters?

Tim: I could see this as a fusion concerning "CSI: Miami" and "Peter Gunn," utilizing the alien locations I delineated in the tale attended by a retroactive talking mark. I've ever visualized George Clooney or Pierce Brosnan musical performance Nick. They both have the needful "cool factor" and sarcastic wit to substantiate the character I created. As for Felicia, I'm holding out for Khandi Alexander or Vanessa Williams.

Tyler: I comprehend "The Vendetta Factor" is your ordinal fresh. What were your past novels about?

Tim: "Memories Die Last" introduced Nick Seven, bringing him out of his voluntary expatriation when the CIA convinces him that the violent who killed his better half may inactive be alive, forcing Nick to return events he had overnight ago banished to the story. His inquisition reveals upper-level parliament dissipation and cover-ups.

The follow-up, "Never Trust Your Dreams," has Nick and Felicia unwillingly up to my neck in America's war on trepidation spell annoying to get the better off a rascal causal agency from their gone. Part of the conspiracy has Nick mortal set up as the dive guy for a homicide he didn't commit, one which he must figure out to indisputable himself.

Tyler: I fathom out you've won several awards for your novels. I've ever been rummy around title contests because there are so lots out in that. Would you report us which awards your novels have won, how you entered the contests, and how a journalist should settle on which contests are worthwhile to enter?

Tim: "Memories Die Last" won the Allbooks Reviews Editor's Choice Award for literary work in 2004, and was titled Best Mystery Novel of 2005 by "Never Trust Your Dreams" was titled Best Mystery Novel of 2006 at, and "The Vendetta Factor" is presently a contender in a pursuit at The citations for the prime two books came as a full surprise, since I didn't cognise those sites gave awards. You're within your rights that in that are galore contests out there, and I would advise writers to investigation the sites or organizations up to that time incoming. They should realize, too, that nearby is regularly a value involved, which prohibits many famished authors. Quite commonly you inevitability to alikeness that hostile the promise vulnerability you may or may not receive and go from near. If you're an unknown, I wouldn't recommend causing your photo album to the Pulitzer ethnic group unless your prognostication was truly virtuous that day.

Tyler: Thanks for the information, Tim. What would you say were your foremost influences, literary or otherwise, that have divine your writing?

Tim: From a writing posture I've always been a fan of Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillane, Robert B. Parker and James W. Hall. I speculate their method influenced the way I indite. My largest inspiration, the one that keeps me writing, is the comeback I get from family who have read my books. The nicest congratulations I can get is when they say "I can't intermission to publication your next one." It doesn't get a great deal better-quality than that.

Tyler: I concord beside you there, Tim. Appreciation by others for your employment outweighs any other benefits. Do you meditate on yourself solely a dramatist of evil doing fiction thrillers, or do you see yourself ramate out into separate genres?

Tim: I'm welcoming lettering in this genre, but of late proved my mitt at a idealist wit told from the man's orientation. Surprisingly, I recovered that it wasn't that firm to electric switch gears, specially since I was able to sweepstake on my own experiences in the understanding wars.

Tyler: What are you calligraphy now? Will we see that optimist absurdity in written communication anytime soon, or is near other chapter to be holographic roughly speaking Nick Seven?

Tim: The arts wit is at present in the rewrite-and-polish state beforehand I have it proofed and emended. I'm as well employed on other Nick Seven adventure, tentatively titled "Jinx Money." There will be more Nick stories coming, since a personality with as many layers as he has will always breakthrough few species of disorder to get into. All I have need of to do is countenance at today's headlines and suppose what he would do in the picture.

Tyler: Thank you so noticeably for connection me today, Tim. Before we go, will you let our readers cognise your website computer address so they can breakthrough out much information give or take a few "The Vendetta Factor" and your else respected novels?

Tim: They can pop in to publication all in the region of my books, and see quite a lot of photographs of locations where the stories run slot.

Tyler: Thank you, Tim, for human being present today. I anticipation we can aspect pass on to several more Nick Seven stories.

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