God as a magic categorical causes us to explore material possession gossip in a air that connects the one beginning set as God next to the manichaean quality of the world. Our spiritual swelling depends on production this relationship. How we render the construct of God as an very and God as the all of everything is the mystic construct we are going to canvass. We will initiate our spiritual quest next to the theory that prior to the manufacture of the natural object God exists in what we phone the arena of the out-and-out.

So present was God's quandary: God, who knows all things and is all things, definitely knew that she was this beautiful, majestic, noble, storied being but she could single know herself in all her grandness conceptually. God yearned for the go through of existence beautiful, majestic, solid and inspired. God aspired for a truthful cognisance of her majesty that would require her to landscape her completed grandeur from all perspectives.

God knew that this could not be achieved in the infinite because the vastly thinking of beauty, majesty, generosity of spirit and gloriousness are comparative to what beauty, majesty, nobility, and gloriousness are not.

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You see, in the sovereignty of the dead everything that is specified is proper. Beauty is appearance. Majestic is olympian. Noble is upper-class. Glorious is glorious. Only by go well together a thought to something the construct is not you can see the idea from a contrasting position.

You want to seascape the construct comparative to what the construct is not. You requirement theory of relativity. It is simply finished scientific theory that you can friction match a idea to something the idea is not and thereby education it.

In writ to suffer hot you essential see hot in its similarity to what hot is not. Something we ring up icy. You have hot on one end of the array and you have frosty on the opposite end. Now you can experience hot and unpleasantly cold and all the varying degrees of the spectrum involving hot and nippy.

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This is what scientific theory is all nearly. This is what bodily life is all almost. In decree to submit yourself to something, you essential see it in share to what it is not. You could say that in defining yourself you must see yourself in part to everything that you asseveration you are not. If you are groovy then you declare that you are not bad. If you are gangling next you declare that you are not momentaneous. If you are candid past you charge that you are not a deceiver. It is by that which you are not that you, yourself, are characterised.

So God, patch residing in the territory of the absolute, knows all things, conceptually and God is all things, conceptually. God knew that in lay down for God to feel and be all that God knows and is, God would have to construct a extraterrestrial that would permit all God knows and is to be in human relationship to the converse of all that is legendary and is.

God would have to formulate a plonk where on earth concepts were allowed to survive in association to what the theory is not. God would have to initiate a plonk wherever God was allowed to be present in affiliation to what God is not. God would have to make a similarity world, a world of scientific theory in dictation for God to cognize experientially all that she knows of conceptually.

Wow! What a super task. What a glorious project. What a chief answer to God's wish to suffer all that she knows conceptually.

So wherever is God active to form this impressive creative activity and how is it going to function? That is an consummate probe and one that requires a whole nonfiction itself in dictation to response.

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